What these Strips are about


The strips that appear in this space  are of two types: paper comics converted for web consumption, and comics drawn directly for the web. As I write (late 2006) there's an even balance of these. I've drawn a variety of comics in the past -- some fiction, some theory, and some biographical -- but the bulk of these were designed for photocopied zines, or for local magazines. While I've owned computers since 1979, it wasn't until recently that I thought about using them to draw with.

The strips that appear here will reflect that mix. Some will be stories, both fictional and biographical; others  are studies of stuff I find interesting, and some of it is experimental stuff just for fun. What you're likely to see here:

is the adventures of Frank Karlan and friends in the world of Urth;
a collection of of biographical episodes and observations;
a series of SF adventures set in a weird future;
an historical drama set in the late Roman Empire, focused on the transgendered Gallae of Cybele, and their struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile culture;

To come...

The Bureau of Serendipidy
Emile Vlietman and Elsie Brooks investigate the unexpected;
A superhero series with a twist;
Here in the West
Adventures in the Ol' West with a woman sheriff.


When I'm reprinting, frequency is mainly 1 page a day. Otherwise, new stuff comes out every 2-4 days.


I decided to put a rating of Mature on the index and daily pages. Apart from adventure and comedy elements, comics shown here may also deal with: religion; sex & gender; sexuality; identity politics; transsexual and transgender issues; suicide & depression; addictions; self esteem; and other ticklish issues. Wouldn't want to young and innocent to be "corrupted" now, would we?

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