Thud and Blunder

Stories and Features


Frank Karlan was involved in a car accident which killed his mother and sister, and gave him epilepsy. Upon release from hospital, he stops to browse at a bookshop, and is transported away to another dimension...

The demon N'Ghee is borrowed from Subgenius mythology. However, in this multiverse, anything's possible. The masters of the Pyramid had trapped N'Ghee long ago, and used it as a source of power. Freed with the help of Frank Karlan, it inflicted a terrible revenge.

Development Background

I've had the idea of Thud and Blunder for a long time. In my youth I was an avid reader of R.E Howard, Micheal Moorcock, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. I love a good adventure yarn, but seldom read them nowadays (the concluding books in the "Chronicles of Thomas Covanent" being an exception).

In any case, the ideas and stories for this strip first came to me in the early 1980s, and I made notes as they came to me. I had no confidence back then, and waited a while before doing anything about them. That changed in the early 1990s when I bid for a (SF) fan fund to send an Aussie fan to America for Worldcon. I did a series of three Apocrypha "specials" and as part of that I wrote and drew "Family Affair" (the first image I drew is shown right). I didn't wind the bid, and soon after a lot of things changed and I forgot about the strip.

Until now that is. While I reprinted the strips in an issue of Hypergraphia, when I converted these to web format, I was able to colour them as well. Initially this was a long process, but one I enjoyed. And soon, I will start drawing original stories again, just for the web, just you wait.

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