Technical Information

I use the following tools and applications to make/convert my comics to web format:

A Lightbox
I had this built a few years ago for less than $50. In effect it allows you to "trace" images by shining a light on the original from underneath. I mostly use this to set up poses - my anatomy was never the best.
Graphics Tablet
In 2005 I bought an A4 graphics tablet. It's taking a while to get used to it, and I may need a faster PC to use it properly.
Paintshop Pro
I do all my scanning, resizing and colouring of the image using this. I normally draw on paper first, scan the image in and then resize and colour it.
Fireworks MX
Once the the above is done, I export the image as a PNG file and then use Fireworks to add text,  speech balloons and other effects. Fireworks has a better exporter than PSP, and its text aliases are crisper.
 This is an open source FTP program. I find it easy to use for uploading the end files to /workspace.
Color Wheel Pro
A program that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. This will be used in my next strip - "Little Bee (a tale of the Galli)".

More information soon.

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