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So, Why a Galli?

So, why have I done a strip about a religious cult in ancient Rome? Why bother when all the characters must be long dead an buried?

The main reason is that I'm a modern follower of Cybele, a modern gallae. The idea of doing this strip grew on me as I was completing my Honours in Visual Arts and creating my Trans Tarot Deck. That project was all about showing how gender transition was a human process.

With this comic, I wanted to show how the ancient galli were first, real human beings, and not just mindless cult followers. The period I've set the strip in was the start of the end of the cult, as the Roman Empire was soon (50-60 years) to become "officially" Christian, and the old pagan religions would soon be ruthlessly repressed and/or destroyed.

Today, trans folk are being denied their history, and being taught to believe that being trans is purely a psychological/medical condition. And while this may in part be correct, it is not the whole story. Any gendertransition is a spiritual journey, and this strip is an attempt to acknowledge that. I hope that I've succeeded in showing this.

All hail the Magna Mater!

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