Tales of the Gallae Cyclopedia

Spiritual leader of a community of Galli.
"day of blood"
A final initiation rite into the Mystery religion of Cybele, which involved ritual self-castration by the Galli.
Person who has physically altered their genitals. Historically the term referred to males who had either their testes and/or their penis removed.
Great Mother
Another name for the goddess Cybele, who in Roman times was "synchronised" with the goddess Rhea. In Greek mythology Rhea was the Titaness who gave birth to Zeus and other Olympians, and hence was known at the Magna Mater or "Great Mother".
A temple of Cybele.
The Metro'on
The main Maetreum of Cybele, located in Rome. The Vatican Palace was built on the same site.
Pratorean Guard
Originally an elite force created to be the Emporer's bodyguard. For decades, the guard had the deciding say in who controlled Rome, and had 192 AD actually murdered the reigning Emporer and sold the office to the highest bidder.
A community of Galli, with or without a Maetruem.

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