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Tales of the Galli
A group of gender variant priestesses of Cybele attempt to get by in ancient Rome at the time of Constantine the Great, when Christianity was starting to take over the Empire
Stuff Happens...
This comic features mostly diary entries, 24 hour comics I've done, and some Second Life adventures and escapades.
Comics about and by Laura and her friends. Reprints the paper comics laura's produced under that name, with accompanying notes on each issue and story.
Laura Seabrook's Queer Stuff
A collection of comic essays on queer theory, life, and other peculiar things. Includes ideas about gender, transgender, queer, suicicide and mental health.
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rating: mature - apart from adventure and comedy elements, comics shown here may also deal with: religion; sex & gender; sexuality; identity politics; transsexual and transgender issues; suicide & depression; addictions; self esteem; and other ticklish issues.

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